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University of Washington

Seattle, WA

General Description:

The University of Washington’s vision and strategic priorities reflect the core values and culture that make us great and unique.

Founded in 1861 by a private gift of 10 acres in what is now the heart of downtown Seattle, the UW is one of the oldest public universities on the West Coast. We’re deeply committed to upholding the responsibility that comes with that legacy. And being public has always meant being accessible.

Anyone can enjoy and be enriched by all the UW has to offer, including world-class libraries, art, music, drama, sports and the highest quality medical care in Washington state. Being public also means being engaged with our communities, and through knowledge and discovery we are elevating the quality of lives of others.

Expanding World Views: UW students gain an understanding of community needs as well as issues around the globe — becoming respectful and educated citizens of the world.

Environmental Leadership: As one of the greenest regions in the country, the University of Washington also leads in environmental solutions. See how the UW is making way for a greener future.

Advancing Our World: By educating the next generation of thinkers and doers and leveraging faculty and researcher expertise, the University of Washington drives new ideas and innovations that make the world a better place.

Creating Healthier Lives: The University of Washington is committed to new discoveries in human health and improving the lives and well-being of people here and around the world.

UW Standard of Excellence
We recruit the best, most diverse and innovative faculty and staff from around the world, encouraging a vibrant intellectual community for our students. We link academic excellence to cutting-edge research through scholarly exploration and intellectual rigor. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, as a beacon for our community and the world.

Academic Community 
We are educators and learners. We promote access to excellence and strive to inspire through education that emphasizes the power of discovery and the foundation of critical and analytic thinking. We foster creativity, challenge the boundaries of knowledge and cultivate independence of mind through unique interdisciplinary partnerships.

World Leaders in Research 
We have grown into the most successful public research university in the nation in attracting support for our research. Ours is a proud culture of innovation, collaboration  and discovery that has transformational impact.

Celebrating Place 
The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest envelops us. This is an important element of who we are, for this awe-inspiring place not only anchors us, it reaffirms our desire to effect positive change in the world around us. We accept gratefully our role in preserving and enhancing Washington:  the place, the people, our home.

Spirit of Innovation 
As Washingtonians, we are profoundly optimistic about our future. Based on our past and present, we find inspiration for the future. Ours is a culture with a determined persistence that engenders innovation and a belief that our goals can be realized.

World Citizens 
We are compassionate and committed to the active pursuit of global engagement and connectedness. We assume leadership roles to make the world a better place through education and research. We embrace our role to foster engaged and responsible citizenship as part of the learning experience of our students, faculty  and staff.

Being Public 
As a public university we are deeply committed to serving all our citizens. We collaborate with partners from around the world to bring knowledge and discovery home to elevate the quality of lives of Washingtonians. This measure of public trust and shared responsibility guides our decision-making as well as our aspirations and vision for the future.
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