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University of Southern Maine

Portland, ME

General Description:

The University of Southern Maine is the largest of the seven campuses of the University of Maine System, as well as one of the oldest, with its founding in Gorham in 1878. USM is a major educational force in the overall growth and improvement of the economic, civic, social, and cultural fabric of southern Maine. From its campuses in Portland, Gorham, and Lewiston, USM offers baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral programs, providing students with rich learning opportunities in the arts, humanities, politics, health sciences, business, mass communications, science, engineering, and technology.

The College of Arts and Sciences serves as the intellectual core of the university, offering study in fine and performing arts, humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, and social sciences. We offer 45 undergraduate majors and minors, a self-designed major program, and six graduate degree programs. The College of Arts and Sciences is large and diverse with more than 3,100 undergraduate majors and 300 graduate students. But our class sizes are small and faculty members are actively engaged with their students. Our students routinely participate in faculty research projects, internships, artistic endeavors, service learning projects, and study abroad programs.

Just last year, Professor of Theatre Tom Power and USM grad Tony Shalhoub (stars as "Adrian Monk" and has numerous film credits such as "Men in Black") were featured in the TeachersCount campaign, which pairs various celebrities with their favorite teachers. Tony remembers Professor Power as "relentless," and recalls his most meaningful lesson as, "Whether on stage or off, act human."

Portland - Located in Maine's largest city, the Portland campus offers easy access to the city's bustling arts district, cultural activities, and waterfront. The Glickman Family Library, Woodbury Campus Center, Sullivan Recreation and Fitness Complex, Abromson Community Education Center, and classrooms are in Portland.

Gorham - Located in a charming New England village, eight miles west of Portland, Gorham is USM's residential campus. The campus includes seven residence halls, the Costello Sports Complex (indoor track & tennis courts, Olympic-size ice arena, fitness center, and gymnasium), the School of Music, Brooks Student, Russell Hall Theatre, Corthell Concert Hall, and classrooms.

If you live on campus, you’ll live at the Gorham hub where Maine’s famous woods hug the edges of campus, giving you the perfect excuse to find your inner outdoorsman. And, when you’re dying for a serious shopping break, the Maine Mall (think Macy’s, the Apple Store, Best Buy, Abercrombie, Gap, Borders, etc.) is close by. Because you’ll travel between our two hubs regularly to take classes (via USM buses or under your own power), you’ll be able to plan your days based on the mood you’re in.

Get involved in our more than 100 student organizations, go to a Huskies game, grab an ice cream or frozen yogurt down at Beal’s in Gorham. Or head downtown or into the Old Port, where you’ll find: theater, poetry, art galleries, Hollywood, Bollywood, Broadway, Off-Broadway, Indie; jazz, rock, classical, hip-hop, alternative, R&B, opera; Vietnamese, African, seafood, deli, Indian, bistro, steakhouse, pub, all-natural, vegetarian, barbecue, diner, coffee house...We’re only just getting started.
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