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Temple University

Philadelphia, PA

General Description:

Temple University attracts the nation's brightest and most motivated minds from all 50 states and 130 foreign countries. Offering the perfect combination of large-school resources and a small-school feel, Temple has something for every kind of student. At home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Temple is nationally recognized for innovative achievements in teaching and research. Students have the opportunity to choose between suburban and city campuses. Temple University strives to instill a sense of global perspective in our students and offers the ability to study at our campuses in Rome, Italy and Tokyo, Japan. On all of our campuses, the Temple faculty includes instructors who are distinguished and active members in their fields. Professors bring the critical perspective of scholars and the practical knowledge of their discipline to their classrooms. With an average class-size of just 27, students have the access they need to thrive within the classroom. Temple is renowned in areas such as Business, Communications, Education, Art, Music, Science, and the Health Professions, and Temple graduates have the know-how and confidence to achieve success and make lasting contributions. Driven by the knowledge that the greatest students are students that are having fun, Temple goes to great lengths to make sure students are never at a loss for things to do. With a campus that is home to 20,000 students, activities are as diverse as the student body. In addition to cultural, athletic, and social events on campus, students always have the nation's 6th largest city at their fingertips
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