General Information State University Of New York - Purchase
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State University of New York - Purchase

Purchase, NY

General Description:

Founded on the principle that artists and scholars are indispensable to each other and to an enlightened society, Purchase College combines professional conservatory programs in the visual and performing arts and distinguished programs in the liberal arts. Purchase celebrates creativity and diversity in a climate of intellectual and artistic freedom. The College seeks and supports students of exceptional talent and aptitude for apprentice relationships with artists, performers, scientists, and scholars making significant contributions in their fields. Purchase students acquire the intellectual skills, general knowledge, and cultural appreciation that build the foundation for a productive career and meaningful life. Personal and intellectual confidence is developed through a substantive creative endeavor, performance, or independent scholarly research that culminates the Purchase academic experience. The College’s programs and environment promote responsible engagement in a complex and dynamic society. As a public institution, Purchase College promotes lifelong learning for students of all ages, backgrounds, and incomes and extends the arts to the larger community through exhibitions and performances at our Neuberger Museum of Art and Performing Arts Center. As an educational institution, cultural and artistic center, community resource, and gateway to opportunity, Purchase is committed to enriching the lives of the public it serves.

Purchase College combines, in one college and on one campus, four distinctive yet interacting academic foci: film and media studies, the humanities, the natural and social sciences, and the performing and visual arts. The College currently offers:

47 undergraduate majors, with 34 concentrations
5 graduate majors, with 19 concentrations
28 undergraduate minors
postbaccalaureate performers certificates and post-master’s artist diplomas in music
numerous internship and study-abroad opportunities

Located 20 miles north of Manhattan in Westchester County, the Purchase College campus sits on a 500-plus acre estate settled in 1734 by Judge Thomas Thomas.  The Administration complex was built in the 1920s and occupied by the Chisholm family as a working farm until 1967 when New York State governor Nelson Rockefeller purchased the property to create Purchase College. Master architect Edward Larrabee Barnes created  "a city within the country" - buildings clustered around a plaza, surrounded by fields and meadows. In addition to Barnes, seven other major architects helped to design individual buildings. 
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