General Information College Of The Holy Cross
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College of the Holy Cross

Worcester, MA

General Description:

Holy Cross is a highly selective, four-year college of approximately 2,800 students.  One of the nation’s leading liberal arts institutions, Holy Cross offers an academically rigorous, personalized education in the Jesuit tradition.  The College of the Holy Cross (often called simply Holy Cross) is an undergraduate Roman Catholic liberal arts college located in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Founded in 1843, Holy Cross is the oldest Roman Catholic college in New England and one of the oldest in the United States.

Opened as a school for boys under the auspices of the Society of Jesus, it was the first Jesuit college in New England. Today, Holy Cross is one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) and is part of the Colleges of Worcester Consortium (COWC).  

Exclusively devoted to teaching undergraduates, Holy Cross promotes close ties between students and faculty.   In this active, friendly campus community, individual interests—from athletics to the arts, from campus ministry to student government—are pursued with intensity and passion.  Graduates go on to prominent academic and professional programs and pursue their individual talents in many careers and service activities.

Holy Cross is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, a centrally-located New England city of 175,000.  The 174-acre hillside campus provides inspiring views, an inviting mix of historic and contemporary buildings, beautiful landscaping, and first-rate facilities. With a tradition of academic excellence that dates to its founding in 1843, Holy Cross is the oldest Catholic college in New England and has grown increasingly diverse in the last decade.  Holy Cross graduates become members of a loyal alumni family; equipped with the resources and perspective to respond as thoughtful leaders in business, professional and civic life.  

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This school has Standardized Test Optional Admissions

  • 1820-2090 
  • 610-700 
  • 610-700 
  • 610-690 
  • 28-31 

Test-Optional Admissions Details

Standardized Testing Policy
Beginning with the class entering in the fall of 2006, the submission of standardized tests (SAT I, SAT II and ACT) is optional for admission to the College of the Holy Cross. The following are some frequently asked questions about this new policy.

Q: Why did Holy Cross make the submission of standardized testing optional?
A: The role of standardized testing in the Holy Cross admissions process has been discussed and debated over the past several years. We have always placed far greater weight on the academic experience of a candidate as demonstrated through the high school transcript than on a single test or combination of tests. Our experience shows that the rigor of a student’s program and overall academic performance can best illustrate commitment, motivation, and willingness to take on challenges. Our existing process credits students who have achieved at a very high level in the classroom, with far less importance placed on testing. Therefore, our decision to make standardized testing optional is consistent with the philosophy and policies of the College. We hope that this change will help both students and parents reassess the importance of testing, while at the same time redirecting attention back to what really matters: day-to-day performance in the classroom.

Q: How does Holy Cross evaluate the high school record?
A: A number of factors are considered in the evaluation of prospective students. Most important is academic record. The strength of the high school, the rigor of the curriculum, grades, and class rank (if available) are all carefully studied. Comments from teachers and school counselor are useful in helping us understand how the student is viewed both in the classroom as well as in the school community. Written responses on the application (short answer questions and the essay) demonstrate a student’s ability to communicate effectively in writing. While not required, a personal interview is a helpful evaluative tool and is highly recommended.

Q: Will a student be at a disadvantage if he or she decides not to submit standardized test scores?
A: No. Students opting not to submit scores will be evaluated by the factors described above. There will be no negative impact on their application.

Q: Why would a student submit standardized test scores if they don’t have to?
A: A student might decide that his or her score gives a more complete picture of academic achievements and potential.

Q: Does this decision mean that Holy Cross is considering accepting less qualified students?
A: No. Holy Cross remains highly selective and will be continuing to look for a rigorous and accomplished high school record in making admission decisions.

Q: Will the College require anything to replace testing?
A: There will be no additional requirements added to the process. As in previous years, students will be informed that they are free to submit additional information that they feel is pertinent to their candidacy.

Q: What advantages does Holy Cross expect to receive from this decision?
A: We believe this decision has several advantages. We have been concerned about the inherent racial and socioeconomic bias in standardized testing, and believe that this move serves to address this issue. Additionally, the test-optional policy communicates to students, teachers, and parents how Holy Cross focuses on the four-year academic program as well as outside-the-classroom interests in admissions decisions — instead of on a single number or score. Finally, we believe it helps de-emphasize the attention, expense, and stress surrounding test scores and test preparation.

Q: Will any segment of the applicant pool still be required to submit test scores?
A: International students whose native language is not English will be required to submit results of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).
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