General Information Agnes Scott College
  • 915 
  • Private 
  • Suburban 
  • 82 
  • 10:1 
  • 67.00% 
  • 1:99 
  • Yes 

Agnes Scott College

Decatur, GA

General Description:

Since 1889, Agnes Scott has inspired students to discover new opportunities, new challenges and new strengths through a liberal arts education in a setting dedicated to women. Our award-winning faculty helps students gain the tools—a well-rounded knowledge of the arts and sciences, critical thinking and leadership skills, and an appreciation of world cultures—that provide a lifetime of success and satisfaction.

Agnes Scott College educates women to think deeply, live honorably and engage the intellectual and social challenges of their times.

Agnes Scott College provides a dynamic liberal arts and sciences curriculum of the highest standards so that students and faculty can realize their full creative and intellectual potential.

Agnes Scott College fosters an environment in which women can develop high expectations for themselves as individuals, scholars, professionals and citizens of the world.

Agnes Scott College strives to be a just and inclusive community that expects honorable behavior, encourages spiritual inquiry and promotes respectful dialogue across differences.
  • $ 35,742 
  • $ 10,850 
  • $ 1,240 
  • $ 47,832 

This school has Standardized Test Optional Admissions

  • 1620-1970 
  • 510-650 
  • 520-640 
  • 500-660 
  • 22-28 

Test-Optional Admissions Details

The submission of SAT and ACT scores is optional for applicants.  However, applications must include at least one of the following:

• SAT/ACT scores
• an evaluative interview with an Agnes Scott admission counselor
• an analytical or critical graded writing sample, including a description of the assignment, teacher comments and the grade

All home school applicants are required to submit test scores. Woodruff Scholars (return-to-college students) must have an evaluative interview with an admission counselor.

You will have the opportunity to tell us which option you have selected on the supplement to the Common Application and we will use your choice as an indication of academic readiness for college.
  • 87.00% 
  • Yes 
  • $27,030 
  • $3,262 
  • $32,641 
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